Bell Book N Bengal
Brown Bengals
Brown Spotted Tabby is the "Traditional" Bengal, while Brown Marbled Tabby is rapidly
becoming a favorite.  Browns come in an infinite array of shades and hues, from
brown/gray to ruddy/beige and everything in between.  And as varied as their colors, the
patterns are just as diverse. The preferred patterning is random and chaotic.  Body stripes,
bull's eye tabby patterns, and  vertical body patterns are considered faults when deciding on
show quality cats and kittens.  White, puffy whisker pads, white chins, white markings
around the eyes, and dark mascara markings add to the "wild look" of a show quality
Bengal.   These cats are extremely attractive, and very desired by people who love the look
of a wild cat in a small companion animal.
White tummies and chests with lots of spots
on both spotted and marbled Bengals is
preferred.  Dark patterns on light-colored
backgrounds; open, two-colored patterns that
are chaotic and random; vivid facial
markings on white backgrounds are what
breeders strive for when producing show
quality kittens.
Brown Spotted Variations
Brown Marble Variations
Eye color in Brown Bengals varies from shades of  brown, gold, hazel, and green
Updated 01-30-2010